Telal El Sokhna

Ain Al Sokhna

It was called Ain Sukhna due to the large number of hot sulfur springs in it, which are used in healing. It has non-rocky beaches with white sand, and is considered a resort throughout the months of the year, summer and winter, and there are many tourist areas and villages that contain hotels and chalets. The Ain Sukhna Hotel, which was established in the early sixties, is the oldest at all, and it is close to Cairo – about 140 km away from it. About one kilometer – which makes it a favorite resort for Egyptians, especially for a day trip, although the percentage of foreign tourists is prevalent. Several tourism projects are underway in the Ain Sukhna area to attract the increasing number of Egyptian and foreign tourists.

The French archaeological mission found Ain Sukhna on February 8, 2006 AD. On an archaeological treasure dating back to the period of the modern and middle states in Egypt dating back more than four thousand years in the area of ​​Jabal El Galala. A similar German expedition also discovered a colossal statue of King Amenhotep III.

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