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Baroque New CapitalBaroque New CapitalBaroque New Capital
The project Baroque New Capital is the second launch of City Edge after the resounding success of its first project, Al Maqsad Compound, the new capital, and City Edge announced that its new project is open for reservation, and it is designed in the classical Khedive architectural style in Cairo, and the characteristic of this historical era is the architecture Sophisticated buildings and streets, and when you are in a baroque building, you will feel as if you have crossed the streets and buildings of the garden city in the center of Cairo.

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Compound Baroque New Capital Services

  • Baroque New Capital project is one of the most promising projects.
  • Which will have a great resonance and will be welcomed by customers who love high-end tastes.
  • The architectural style of Baroque New Capital has presence of a dome over each building.
  • The inscriptions, columns and graphics on the facade of the building.
  • Moreover, the old design are among the most prominent features of Baroque New Capital.

The area of ​​​​ Baroque New Capital project

  • The total area of ​​the project is 1000 acres, and the project is one of the largest projects in Baroque New Capital.
  • The first phase of the Baroque New Capital project also covers an area of ​​approximately 250 square meters.
  • 20% of the project area is used for construction and 80% of the project area is used for squares, wide roads, open spaces and gardens in parks and lush gardens.
  • Baroque New Capital architecture of the capital matches its beauty, fine art and design.
  • The beauty of the architectural style of Cairo during the Khedive era, the splendor of the gardens that were formerly belonging to France.
  • Moreover, the beauty of Italian streets and buildings.
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The space of the apartment in Baroque New Capital

  • The first phase of Baroque New Capital project includes two types of residential buildings as follows:
  • The first category ranges from 100 square meters to 260 square meters.
  • The ground floors of these buildings are entirely allocated to shops, while the five floors are residential units, with seven apartments on each floor.
  • As for the second model, the area of ​​the residential units ranges from 130 meters to 300 meters, with shops on the first floor and five floors above it.
  • The number of rooms in this project also varies from two to four rooms of different sizes, and all of them have a wonderful and unique view.

The spaces of the apartments in Baroque New Capital

  • The area ranges from 102 square meters to 107 square meters, including one room.
  • In addition, the space ranges from 117 square meters to 140 square meters with two rooms.
  • Its area ranges from 165 m 2 to 171 m 2 and it has three rooms.
  • In addition, the area ranges from 200 square meters to 235 square meters with three rooms.
  • The spaces range from 245 m2 to 275 m2 with three bedrooms.

The Compound Services

  • Baroque New Capital Compound contains parking spaces.
  • The Capital Baroque compound project also enjoys all the services of four generations of developed cities, and the compound has multiple surveillance cameras.
  • Fiber optic system, fire-extinguishing system and all advanced safety and protection systems.
  • In addition to the guards and security personnel around the clock, there are green walls along the entire complex.
  • In addition, all the residential units in the Barouk Compound will be fully luxurious and available for housing.
  • Those who desire high-end housing and good taste should invest their money in this compound, which has elegance and ancient design.
  • Many vast green spaces, gardens and parks characterize the Baroque New Capital project.
  • There are also many recreation areas, gardens, parks, and hiking trails.
  • There is also a large cultural center, property management building, gas station and utilities.
  • In addition, in the New Administrative Capital, Barouk Compound.
  • There are many medical services such as well-equipped hospitals and medical clinics.
  • There are also many international schools, places open for picnics and entertainment, mosques and churches.
  • Baroque New Capital Compound also contains a large gymnasium, many colleges, universities, and five-star hotels.
  • With these advantages, we found that Barouk Compound has absolutely no defects.

The developer company of Barouk  Compound

  • The company that owns Baroque New Capital project is City Edge Real Estate.
  • It is one of the well-known companies operating in the Egyptian real estate market.
  • It started the first time in the new capital, Al Maqsad Compound.
  • City Edge has achieved unprecedented success, and with its second project in the New Capital, City Edge will continue its successful commercial journey.
  • City Edge Real Estate Development includes three partners from the largest real estate companies, and they are as follows:
  • The New City Community Management owns 60% of the company’s shares.
  • The Housing and Development Bank is a 38% shareholder in the company.
  • Moreover, the development of the holding company’s investments 2%.
  • City Edge is one of the distinguished real estate companies, always keen to provide the best experience.
  • In order to fulfill the client’s dream of building a luxury residence that meets modern requirements.
  • In addition, the presence of all services, to provide customers with a life full of comfort, privacy and luxury.
  • City Edge has always been keen to make the Barouk New Capital project a topic all over the world.
  • This is due to the originality of its design, and its inspiration from the beauty of architecture that Cairo witnessed during the Khedive era.
  • Baroque New Capital Compound has become the first choice for anyone looking for a high-end residential and European architectural design.
  • Even in the streets that match the beauty of the streets of beautiful European high-end cities.

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