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City Edge Alamein TowersCity Edge Alamein TowersCity Edge Alamein Towers
As we all know, City Edge Alamein Towers is considered a symbol of modern Egypt. This is a miracle by the healthy hands of Egyptians in the most beautiful coastal area that you may wish to visit someday. The New El Alamein City Tower has achieved unparalleled success with sales exceeding EGP 9 billion in its first year of launching pre-order units. To find out all the details of the location, price, payment system and services surrounding the new Almanta, please follow the content below.

New Alamein Towers location

  • The towers of City Edge Alamein Towers are located in the most prominent location directly on the sea.
  • Because they belong to the category of high-cost tourist housing, and the price of the Alamein towers is the highest in the city.
  • Therefore, we found that the location of the new Alamein Towers is located in the beach area of ​​the city.
  • Surrounded by all the important recreational services:
  • “The Corniche”, a tourist path similar to the Corniche of Alexanderia, is 14 kilometers long and is the first public road open to the sea in the North Coast region.
  • The recreation area is designed at the highest level and penetrates into the area directly in front of the tower.
  • The huge New El Alamein Lake is derived from the sea and is equipped with the latest technologies to make its waters permanently renewable.
  • The tower overlooks the lake from the rear.
  • These towers are located near Al-Massa Hotel, Al Alamein Gardens, and the Heritage City.
  • It is also close to the bustling Midtown area, which will include upscale residential units, restaurants, cafes and shops.

New Alamein Towers location features

  • As for the location of the new city of El Alamein in relation to the major cities in Egypt, we found that it is located in the middle of the distance between these governorates.
  • The most prominent of which are:
    • It is about 261 km away from Cairo.
    • Also, it is about 107 km away from Alexandria.
    • It is 184 km from Marsa matrouh.

 Service and space in City Edge Alamein Towers

  • The project area is 48 thousand acres, and the state government established the new Al Alamein towers.
  • The total number of towers is 15.
  • With the increased demand for these towers, the state decided to increase the number to 25 towers.
  • The new Al Alamein Towers have turquoise beaches and clear water on one side, or overlooking El Alamein Lake on the other.
  • City Edge Real Estate has launched more than one type of City Edge Alamein Towers, namely North Edge Towers and New Alamein The Gate Towers.
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Spaces of City Edge Alamein Towers apartments

  • The first thing we are talking about here is the area of ​​City Edge Alamein Towers apartment.
  • Which is the first batch of towers for sale in New Alamein City.
  • Offering different heights from 28 to 40 floors.
  • North Edge New Alamein offers apartments and cabins, each tower with 240 units of different sizes.
  • Additionally, The space of the residential unit in North Edge Towers:
  • Podium apartments have an area of ​​177-183-188-192-231-336 square meters.
  • The apartment area ranges from 183 square meters to 351 square meters.
  • Penthouse space starts from 701 square meters.
  • North Edge Towers are on a 5-storey podium that provides all amenities.
  • It includes commercial units, health clubs, children’s entertainment areas and swimming pools.
  • As for the apartments for sale in The Gate Towers, we found that they start with studio apartments ranging in size from 49 square meters to 387 square meters.
  • For reservations and inquiries, please call the following numbers

    1. Direct with sales department 01283809999
    2. Or through the hotline 19839

City Edge Alamein Towers Services

  • As we mentioned previously, in City Edge Alamein Towers, you will enjoy all kinds of comprehensive services offered by the city, whether it is entertainment or professional.
  • However, at the level of service that the tower itself offers you; you will find a large number of advanced services.
  • For example, in the new Alamein Gate Tower, you will find:
  • All towers have water-cooled HVAC systems.
  • The gate tower has with a generator to ensure that the power is not cut off.
  • High-speed internet (fiber optic) to access all units.
  • All apartments have air vents and the air is fresh.
  • The highest level of security and surveillance system.
  • The latest in room and wall extinguishing systems can withstand fires for up to two hours.
  • The tower has, emergency exits and a ventilation system that can withstand up to two hours of fire.
  • Additionally, City Edge Alamein Towers can withstand lightning and earthquakes up to 7.5 Richter.
  • The pool in the Gate Tower uses the latest automatic antimicrobial (UV) purification system and does not use chlorine.
  • Each tower has 15 lifts, 12 personal lifts including panoramic lifts and 3 service lifts.
  • These towers follow a waste management and garbage recycling system.
  • Air extraction system for the kitchen, bathroom and garage; to ensure fresh air.

New Alamein City Services

  • New Alamein City is the first sustainable city with millions of services, and provides all the necessities of a stable daily life in the North Coast region.
  • It is in the center of the new North Coast region and enjoys a privileged geographical location.
  • The boundaries of the new city of El Alamein start from the last wall of the village of Marina 7 and end at the port of Hamra.
  • Additionally, It covers an area of ​​50,000 feddans, the 48-kilometer international coastal road from Wadi El-Natrun Road to El-Dabaa.
  • City Edge Alamein Towers provide you with all the basic needs of life, because it will include all kinds of housing, from tourists to the privileged, to social housing.

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