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City edge north coast

City edge north coast … If you are looking for a 7-star place with international standards, and with the most beautiful view of the most amazing beaches in the world, it does not require you to travel abroad, but rather you have to go to the new city of Alamein. To find City edge north coast, the high-rise North Coast awaits you, standing like a guardian on that high-end city that will completely change the map of the northern coast, after it was only a destination for seasonal tourism in the summer months only, so that the new city of El Alamein becomes the first city with a million sustainable services throughout the year, which The state begins to implement it, from where others have left, in the field of real estate development for smart and advanced cities.

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City edge north coast location

  • North Coast Towers is within the beach area of​​the new city of El Alamein.
  • For the most beautiful direct view of the Mediterranean coast.
  • Rather, the new Alamein towers overlook from the other side.
  • The huge Lake El Alamein, derived from the sea, which permeates the city, and is ready for swimming, boat rides and yachts.
  • The location of the New Alamein City Towers is one of the most distinguished sites within the city.
  • As it has the most important tourist services and facilities within the city.
  • The towers directly overlooking the tourist walkway extending to a height of 14 km, and 7 km of it has been completed so far.
  • In addition to the entertainment area next to the towers.
  • The towers are minutes away from El Alamein Gardens.
  • The lake and resorts housing area, the Midtown area.
  • The hotels neighborhood, and the El Alamein Marina, which has the largest yacht marina on the North Coast.
  • As for the distance between the New Alamein Towers and the most important Egyptian cities, we find that they are as follows:
  • Away from Cairo, about 261 km.
  • It is about 107 km from Alexandria.
  • It is about 184 km from Marsa Matruh
  • We note that before starting to develop the northern coast by establishing its first million-strong city.

More about City edge north coast location

  • It is the new city of El Alamein. The state extended many important roads and axes to that region.
  • The most prominent of these roads is the new Fouka road that connects between Cairo and the northern coast.
  • At a distance of only 140 km, its entrance is from Juhayna Square in sixth of October City.
  • And it has four exits on the northern coast.
  • As well as the Rawd al-Farag Corridor – Dabaa, which was recently inaugurated.
  • And aims behind it, the direct connection between Cairo and Marsa Matrouh.
  • It is also easy to reach the city of Alamein, the Abraj area, by air.
  • As it is close to the most important airports that the country has recently developed, namely:
  • City edge north coast is near El Alamein International Airport, which is 54 km away.
  • Burj Al Arab International Airport, which is 89 km away.
  • Thus, regardless of your location in Egypt, you will be able to travel to City Edge Towers North Coast with ease.
  • Whether by air or land, in a trip that takes less than two hours.

Advantages of investing in new Alamein

  • The new city of Alamein is one of the most important fourth-generation cities that the state establishes, as part of its sustainable development plan.
  • In addition, the main goal of which is to completely change the map of the northern coast.
  • In a way that makes it an attractive area for residents throughout the year.
  • So, the best location for it was chosen on the northern coast.
  • As its borders start from the last wall of Marina 7 until the port of Hamra, towards the south towards Marsa Matruh.
  • The new city of El Alamein is affiliated with the governorate of Marsa Matrouh.
  • It has an area of​​50 thousand feddans, of which about 8 thousand feddans are allocated as a first stage.
  • The first phase of the new city of El Alamein will provide all types of housing.
  • From the social through the privileged, to the tourist housing.
  • In conjunction with the residential sector, the state has provided the tourism and urban sector.
  • By providing all services within the new city of Alamein.
  • Among the most prominent services of new city of Alamein are as follows:
  • Schools and two universities.
  • The regional services center, which will be built on a huge area, will include sports clubs, commercial centers, outlets, exhibitions and amusement parks.
  • A library that is a twinning of the Library of Alexandria.
  • District for hotels.
  • Governmental headquarters.
  • Water desalination plant.
  • A global medical center.
  • A huge mosque and church.
  • The Midtown area is full of shops, cafes and restaurants.
  • A 14 km general tourist walkway.
  • An industrial zone in the far south of the city on an area of​​8 thousand feddans.
  • The Latin neighborhood, which will contain about 12,000 luxurious housing units, is based on the style of old buildings in Alexandria.

City edge north coast offered for reservation

  • City edge north coast New Alamein Towers When the government thought about establishing it.
  • It wanted to transfer the level of the famous Dubai hotel towers to the heart of the North Coast region.
  • That is an investment of the elements of that picturesque region of Egypt.
  • Which has the most beautiful landscapes, and the turquoise-water beaches, with white sand.
  • A group of hotel towers was designed with various heights ranging from 28 floors to 44 floors.
  • Have raised platforms, and equipped with all services.
  • City edge north coast Company has started the towers project with 15 towers.
  • But as a result of the unprecedented demand for them.
  • Their number has been increased to 25, knowing that the towers that have been put up for reservation are:

City edge north coast Edge Towers New Alamein

    • There are 15 towers, and they are the first towers to be put up for sale within the new city of Alamein.
    • Moreover, are distinguished by their distinctive architectural design, which is comparable to the Dubai Towers.
    • New North Edge Towers Alamein is built on eight huge platforms; each platform consists of five floors.
    • It has commercial units, entertainment areas, swimming pools, etc.
    • North Edge Towers New Alamein offers hotel apartments with super lux finishing, with air conditioners, of various sizes.
    • Where the residential units’ spaces start in North Edge Towers as follows:
    • The areas of the podium apartments range from (177 – 183 – 188 – 192 – 231 – 336) square meters.
    • The areas of residential apartments start from 183 square meters to 351 square meters.
    • The penthouse spaces start from 701 square meters.
    • As for prices, they are constantly increasing due to the unprecedented demand for North Edge Towers units.
    • prices of residential units in Towers ranges starting from 6,6m EGP.
  • Nevertheless, what is unique about the prices of the new Alamein Towers North Edge is that it has easy payment systems.
  • With a 5% down payment, and up to 7 years installments.

The Gate Towers New Alamein

  • City Edge Real Estate recently introduced the latest style of towers.
  • And it is the highest towers on the North Coast, with its 44 floors.
  • The Gate Towers is one of the most luxurious towers in the new city of Alamein.
  • With its distinctive services, and the highest international standards in terms of technologies and finishes within it.
  • The towers are equipped with ladders and emergency exits, equipped with a ventilation system that can bear up to 2 hours of fire.
  • The towers are anti-lightning and anti-earthquake up to 7.5 Richter.
  • Towers keep track of waste management system, and recycle garbage.
  • Extraction (French) systems in kitchens, bathrooms and garages; to ensure fresh air.
  • Security and surveillance system at the highest level.
  • The entire towers have water-cooled central air conditioning (HVAC).
  • The Gate Towers has with generators. To ensure that the power is continous.
  • High-speed internet service (Fiber Optics) connects to all units.
  • All apartments have air vents; to renew its air continuously.
  • The swimming pools inside The Gate Towers, using the latest automatic anti-microbial (UV) purification system without the use of chlorine.
  • Each tower contains 15 elevators, 12 elevators for individuals, including panoramic elevators, and 3 service elevators.
  • In addition to the distinctive services available within the platforms on which the towers are built.
  • Including entertainment areas for children, a health club, swimming pools, and international stores.
  • The Gate Towers, El Alamein City, offers apartments of various sizes.
  • In conjunction with the opening of the reservation door inside The Gate Towers, City edge north coast Company announced the opening of the door for reservations also in the first compound in New Alamein, which is:

Mazarin New Alamein Compound

  • The first compound with a direct sea view inside the new city of Alamein.
  • Therefore, whatever the location of your unit inside the Mazarin Compound.
  • You will enjoy a stunning view either on the sea, or on Lake El Alamein.
  • With an area of​​208 acres, and a depth of 4 m.
  • Where the shrine of New Alamein enjoys a private beach 635 m wide.
  • Additionally, it offers a variety of units, between chalets and villas.
  • The spaces inside Mazarin Compound start from 165 square meters up to 324 square meters.

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