City Edge Real Estate Development best projects

City Edge Real Estate Development best projects

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City Edge Real Estate Development best projectsCity Edge Real Estate Development best projectsCity Edge Real Estate Development best projects

City Edge Real Estate Development is one of the largest companies in the Egyptian market, because it reflects different real estate images, so that it can expand in the real estate market. City Edge is a collaboration between the Development Holding Company and the Housing Development Bank. It is worth noting that it started to create housing projects that are used in a variety of ways because it enjoys sophistication and luxury.

City Edge Real Estate Development Company

  • City Edge Real Estate is eager to establish itself in the real estate market soon. This makes it one of the most popular real estate companies in the market. And that through its ability to start many large institutions and projects as follows: –

Etapa Compound Sheikh Zayed project

  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed project is one of the largest projects launched by Edge City in the Sheikh Zayed region. This is what makes her website unique and special.
  • The compound is also located near Sodic Compound, and covers an area of ​​approximately 77 acres. It is worth noting that in addition to Al Karma Compound and Al Yasmeen Compound, this compound is located near Al Rabwa Compound.
  • The compound is also divided into several different residential units and various villas, which are distinguished from other villas in terms of space and price.
  • In addition each group of villas is surrounded by greenery and landscapes from the outside.
  • The compound also provides many different and unique services. In addition to the necessary amenities and facilities.
  • It is worth mentioning that during the design and implementation of Etaba Sheikh Zayed Compound, the edge of the Egyptian city aspires to provide a high level of luxury.
  • Because it provides many important government services as well as recreational services and facilities, as well as guardianship and insurance in all weather conditions.
  • As we all know, the Egyptian government, especially the Ministry of Housing and Urban Community Management, has recently become interested in real estate investment.
  • This is particularly evident in many new urban projects headed by the Administrative Capital. In addition, many big projects.
  • The Etapa Sheikh Zayed project is one of the huge real estate and investment projects. City Edge has implemented and developed the Etapa Sheikh Zayed project.
  • She has excellent experience in real estate development, from Dubai to life in Egypt.

ETAPA Sheikh Zayed location

  • The location of Etapa Compound in Sheikh Zayed is one of its most prominent features, as it is located directly on the Ring Road, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and July 23.
  • Making it easier for its residents to enter and exit.
  • It is also close to Al Rabwa Compound, Allegria Sodic, Al Karma Complex, Al Yasmeen Complex, and not far from Hyper One and the Saudi market, which helps to consolidate the standard of living that City Edge seeks to achieve in all projects

City Edge Project Features

  • Extensive green spaces, gardens and artificial lakes give the residents of the complex joy and psychological comfort with their amazing colors.
  • There are also many swimming pools, some of which are for women, in addition to children’s areas and sports areas.
  • Etapa Sheikh Zayed Compound includes a luxurious business district that includes a shopping mall, various shops, restaurants and cafes, in addition to maintenance facilities and ATM centers.
  • Etapa City Edge offers a luxurious standard of living in City Edge, which includes many recreational facilities such as theaters and cinemas.
  • It also contains sports fields such as football and tennis, walking and cycling tracks, and a health club covering several acres, including saunas, health spas, family clubs and gyms.
  • ETAPA is keen to meet the worlds of security and privacy through the provision of guard systems that operate around the clock, private parking and private gardens for villas, which are among the most important requirements of customers.
  • Each unit has a dedicated elevator.

For reservations and inquiries, please call the following numbers

  1. Direct with sales department 01283809999
  2. Or through the hotline 19839

North Edge Towers one of City Edge projects

  • The North Edge project is one of the largest and most important urban real estate projects.
  • As its location is in the new city of El Alamein, about 54 kilometers from El Alamein International Airport.
  • In addition, these towers are about 89 meters away from the Burj Al Arab Hotel.
  • Moreover the most prominent feature of the project is its unique location.
  • As its location is  in the new city of El Alamein, which is the future of Egypt.
  • The project is a residential tourist tower and is a skyscraper.
  • It is worth noting that relying on this project can eliminate the problem of overpopulation in the delta.
  • The new city of El Alamein is located on the borders of the new city of El Alamein from the following roads: Wadi El-Natrun Road to El-Dabaa.
  • North Edge is located on the administrative borders of Marsa Matrouh Governorate.
  • Also 48 km from the international highway (Alexandria Matrouh) in the center of El Alamein city near El Alamein Airport.
  • New Alamein is famous for its beauty on the northern coast
  • The compound consists of 15 international towers with a height of 100 meters, including many luxurious and beautifully designed units.
  • They are towers that can see the sea clearly.
  • This because they are located directly on the sea and the other towers are excellent artificial lakes.
  • The first phase of the city has two main parts, covering an area of ​​approximately 8000 acres.
  • In addition accommodating 400,000 residents.
  • The first phase includes the coastal part in addition to the urban part.
  • It contains an international tourist center and an archaeological part.
  • There is also a range of distinguished services, which will also include recreational activities and many shops.

Spaces of the apartments in Al Alamein North Edge Towers

  • The North Edge project provides many different units according to different designs and luxurious and unique finishes.
  • Because of the adaptive presence and the different spaces suitable for all groups of society.
  • In addition the space ranges from one room to 4 rooms in different sections to suit all tastes.

Zahya New Mansoura project

  • Zahya project is one of the huge and luxurious projects.
  • As it is on an area of ​​about 7,100 acres, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, between Baltim and Gamasa.
  • In addition this city is one of the environmentally friendly cities because it has vast green areas.
  • In addition it also includes many residential towers and villas of different sizes and designs.
  • It is also keen to provide many services that help meet people’s needs.
  • In addition, individuals who are thinking of going to the New Alamein area can live in the North Coast region.
  • The project is also keen to provide a variety of services that help meet all people’s needs.

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