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Doja Aurora Mall New Capital

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Doja Aurora Mall New CapitalDoja Aurora Mall New CapitalDoja Aurora Mall New Capital
Doja Aurora Mall New Capital is developed by Doja Real Estate Company, as it provides many services and functions to meet the needs of the residents of the New Administrative Capital, and provides a variety of different units (commercial – administrative – medical), and the building is equipped with the best modern technologies, in terms of industrial security and procedures Fire protection and backup generators, in addition to providing the best and safest type of elevators, providing 3 elevators on each floor for convenience and prevention of congestion, Aurora New Capital Mall will also provide you with a more advanced clinic or business premises.

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  2. Or through the hotline 19839

The most important details of Doja Aurora Mall New Capital

  • Doja Aurora Mall New Capital is an integrated complex.
  • It includes many medical, commercial, administrative and recreational units and is the property of the owner.
  • This is because it provides all the necessities of life and helps provide comfort to all.
  • In addition, this is because the project has a unique and modern way.
  • Doja Aurora Mall New Capital has a glass curtain wall and a luxurious look from the outside.
  • Surrounded by the largest green space, tall trees, flowers and swimming pool, a shopping center completes the needs of life.
  • This large shopping mall has a high-quality design and belongs to Al Morshedy Architects.
  • Doja Aurora Mall New Capital is a unique start for the owner engineer Raef Fahmy.
  • This who is committed to selecting the best and largest designers and design teams as the shopping center’s support team.
  • The project is located between the two best residential areas.
  • They are R2 and R3, and they are one of the first regions to be delivered in the first half of this year.

Designed by Doja Aurora Mall New Capital

  • Doja Aurora Mall New Capital is in a new and innovative way.
  • Because it is one of the best commercial, shopping centers in the center of the administrative capital.
  • It is close to many important areas, including Ismailia Road, Mohamed Bin Zayed Road, the Northern Axis and the New Heliopolis Hotel.
  • Because it is very close to my city and the city of the future.
  • In addition, it is based on the axis of hope.
  • Close to several different commercial medical places.
  • The design of this Doja Aurora Mall New Capital is completely different from any other shopping mall in the Administrative Capital Centre.
  • This is because it brings out the beauty inside and outside the project, which is located in the best place.
  • If you want to know more about the mall, you should contact the numbers at the end of the article.
  • You will benefit from sufficient information about the project, number of units, area and price.
  • In addition, all this we will mention through this article, please follow us.

Features of The Mall in New Capital

  • The Mall in New Capital project has many features that make it a successful commercial shopping center, including:
  • There are many different units such as clinics, shops and administrative offices.
  • The unique location of the project in the heart of the new capital, which makes it close to the main road.
  • Modern and modern design of shopping mall units and buildings.
  • Availability of many payment systems.
  • A commercial floor that provides comfort and all services to customers in the building.
  • Two basements have been allocated to the garage to prevent overcrowding

Space in Aurora Mall, administrative capital of Doja Company

  • Aurora Metropolis was implemented with an area of ​​6000 square meters.
  • This area is suitable for a large number of distinctive commercial units with about 30%.
  • The rest for some services required by the mall. The mall consists of 2 basements, a floor and 9 floors.
  • All these units are in a brand new way, ultra-luxurious.
  • The unit area ranges from 45 square meters to 270 square meters.
  • All units will be received three years after signing the contract.
  • You can also pay the unit price
  • For commercial installments over five years, the down payment starts from 5% of the unit price.
  • This is because malls are worth a lot of money.
  • Since it contains many services and business necessary in life, it meets all the requirements.
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Price of The Mall in New Capital

  • The company executing the project offers completely different prices to help its valued customers obtain commercial units at the lowest cost.
  • As a result, the price of the commercial unit in the Administrative Capital, Aurora Mall, increased from 33.5 million pounds per square meter to 35,000 pounds per square meter.
  • You can enjoy installment payment service here; investors, old customers and merchants have accepted these rates.
  • As for the installment system, it is a 5% down payment, and the installment period on the remaining units ranges from three to 5 years.
  • It is important that all units in Doja Aurora Mall New Capital has private bathrooms in the units for the convenience of our clients.

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