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El Patio Oro is one of the most important and largest residential projects launched by La Vista Real Estate Development Company recently, and after the spread of investment in the region, entering the arena with a very perfect competition has become the focus of the major real estate companies, because each of them provides the strongest using the most luxurious services, models and functions to create a modern life full of luxury, and guarantees As well as integration and provide all their unparalleled comfort and happiness.

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  2. Or through the hotline 19839

El Patio Oro location

  • In El Patio Oro compound, all the elements that make the project successful.
  • The Golden Square area is also one of the most important areas in the Fifth Settlement in the heart of New Cairo.
  • This is because in addition to the following location features, it can have views of North 90th Street and South 90th Street:
  • Very close to the new administrative capital.
  • In addition, El Patio Oro is surrounded by the largest residential project in Greater Cairo.
  • It is located near the project “Miweida”, “City Gate”, “Hyde Park” and “Mountain View”.
  • A few minutes away from Villette Sodic Compound.
  • Overlooking the ring road.
  • In addition, its location is close to the “Suez” highway, which takes only ten minutes, less than 19 kilometers.
  • The distance between it and the Ain Sukhna gate is less than 12 kilometers.
  • In addition, El Patio Oro Compound is located less than 7 kilometers from the American University.
  • It is located near the University of the Future.
  • In addition, there are recreational services such as “Concorde Plaza”, “Point 90” and “The Point” in the surrounding area.

The area of ​​El Patio Oro compound

  • La Vista Real Estate Company searched for a large enough area to distribute the project and all its buildings and green spaces.
  • She also chose a vast area, estimated at one hundred and seventy-five acres, in the most beautiful part of the Fifth Colony.
  • They allocate only 18% of them to buildings, including hospitals, schools, and shopping centers in the compound.
  • As for the rest, lakes, playgrounds, waterfalls and swimming pools were built on it..

The spaces of the units in El Patio Oro La Vista compound

  • The space of units and apartments in Patio Oro is constantly changing to meet the needs of the Egyptian real estate market.
  • Therefore, the company launched a residential building consisting of four floors only on the ground floor, including the following areas:
  • The units on the first floor start from 120 square meters, and there are 15 square meters of gardens.
  • In addition, apartments on the first to fourth floors start from 128 square meters.
  • Attic space starts from 128 m², with an additional external space of 24 m².
  • Customers can choose to divide the units themselves, and their execution includes luxurious finishes.
  • In addition, El Patio Oro contains “twin houses”, duplexes, and “townhouses” to choose from, with spaces ranging from 120 square meters to 343 square meters.

The compound services, Fifth Settlement

  • La Vista Real Estate Development provided the most prominent services and features in the project.
  • This is so that the residents of the Fifth Settlement.
  • Moreover, all those who are looking for glory and distinction need it to enjoy all the comfort and safety of a quiet life.
  • The most important of these services are as follows:
  • Respect privacy by providing fully equipped apartments and villas in El Patio Oro, all of which can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes.
  • Providing air-conditioned mosques for religious ceremonies.
  • More than 60% of the compound’s space has been allocated to large green spaces.
  • This including the most beautiful dazzling colorful plants and trees.
  • There are also waterfalls and crystal lagoons in the compound, which add beauty and luxury to the unit’s landscape.
  • Botanical notes, bringing psychological calm, rest and relaxation.
  • As well as artificial lakes and sparkling crystal, turquoise waters surround each unit.
  • In addition, many water fountains are distributed throughout the El Patio Oro compound.
  • In addition, each building has several swimming pools, which are of equal size between the units and of different depths suitable for young and old.
  • Entertainment services for adults and children are also provided throughout the day in El Patio Oro Compound.
  • Terrace Oro New Cairo also contains a comprehensive area of ​​international and Egyptian restaurants.
  • Also served by the most skilled chefs with the most delicious dishes.
  • Moreover, it has cafes and cafes at the highest international level.
  • This compound owns malls and commercial centers with all personal needs.
  • Which families living in Patio Oro may want to buy, such as clothes, food, etc.
  • There is a spacious lounge and well-equipped venues for family meetings and special events.
  • There is also the latest health club in the Fifth Settlement that includes a gym, spa.
  • In addition, international jacuzzi equipped with the best equipment and skilled labor.
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The company that developed the project and previous works

  • The boom of the real estate industry in Egypt began in 1991 with La Vista Developments, which taught the world the best standards of architecture and architecture.
  • It also adopted the latest European models and made them the characteristics of the era to take inspiration from Spain and Italy.
  • Established many commercial, residential and tourism projects in the most beautiful and prestigious places from east to west of the Republic of Egypt.
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