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Ezdan Mall New Capital

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Ezdan Mall New CapitalEzdan Mall New CapitalEzdan Mall New Capital
Ezdan Mall New Capital, the latest projects of Taj Misr, has many advantages in the city center, the largest commercial area in new administrative capital.

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Ezdan Mall New Capital

  • Many investment clients hope to implement projects in the New Administrative Capital.
  • This because of its future vision for the implementation of the city, a quiet life and a refreshing atmosphere.
  • In addition to having categories that can be paid and purchased, if this is your dream, the Ezdan Mall New Capital project is your ideal destination.
  • Ezdan Mall New Capital is the largest commercial shopping center in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Moreover, it is being developed and implemented by the Taj Mahal Real Estate Company.
  • This is the second project implemented by the Taj Mahal real estate development project in the New Administrative Capital after the Administrative Capital, De Joya Compound.
  • Ezdan Mall New Capital adopts the latest architectural and engineering designs in a modern European style.
  • The Taj Misr Executive Company is also known for its futuristic vision in architectural design.

Location of Ezdan Mall New Capital project

  • Taj Misr as a real estate development project chose Ezdan Mall.
  • This due to its distinguished location in the Administrative Capital District to attract customers and investors to benefit from it.
  • Among them, the downtown area is a distinct area of ​​the administrative capital, and investors accept it.
  • Ezdan Mall is also very close to the most important neighborhoods of the New Administrative Capital, the financial and commercial district that includes the tallest tower in Africa.
  • It is an iconic tower and is close to the Presidential District and the Government District.
  • The Ezdan New Capital Shopping Center overlooks the most important major hub in the capital, the most prominent of which are:
  • It is about 10 minutes from Huancheng Road.
  • They pass through Suez every few minutes.
  • It is close to the central monorail station.
  • Close to the new museum and the green river.
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Space of Ezdan Mall New Capital

  • Ezdan Mall New Capital is a commercial mall with the latest exquisite architectural designs.
  • Consisting of a ground floor + five floors, Ezdan Mall has an excellent design and is an attractive destination for investment clients.
  • This innovative design of Taj Misr Real Estate Development is the result of the accumulated experience in the field of real estate development.
  • The space in Ezdan Mall New Capital ranges from 30 meters to 146 meters.
  • In addition, the varied space is suitable for all kinds of business activities that customers expect.

Ezdan Mall services in new capital

  • A special entertainment area for children.
  • The green space surrounds the Ezdan shopping mall from all sides.
  • There is also a 2m high waterfall screen.
  • Outdoor terrace with aesthetic water flow with fountain and waterfall.
  • The main entrance of the shopping center of Izdan in the new capital.
  • There are also small screens and large screens.
  • Also the mall has high-quality elevators and escalators.
  • In addition there are also security guards, guards and surveillance cameras operating around the clock.
  • Modern alarm clock in the mall.
  • Storage space in Ezdan shopping center.
  • The parking lot is far from crowded.
  • Greenery surrounds the mall in all directions, adding more psychological and relaxing comfort.
  • The operation and maintenance company guarantees the quality and operation of the entire mall as well as regular maintenance.
  • 24-hour security with the latest safety equipment.
  • High-speed internet is provided in the shopping center of the new capital Izdan.
  • The Ezdan Mall restaurant, cafe and international restaurant in the new administrative capital.

Payment system in Ezdan Mall

  • Taj Misr for Real Estate Development and Investment provides the simplest payment system that you will not find in any other project.
  • In addition this is in addition to the project’s privileged location in the city center and the multiple privileges of payment and payment systems.
  • Down payment 5%, installments over 10 years.

The company that developed the project

  • Ezdan Mall is the new capital of Taj Misr for real estate development, and it started in 2006.
  • It is one of the companies of the International Misr Foundation, which consists of several other companies.
  • In addition it is a prominent tourism and united agricultural investment company.
  • Except for the Egyptian Company for Hotel Services and the Lone Star Company in the State of Qatar.
  • In addition the company relies on many accumulated experiences in the field of real estate development.
  • Foreign skills in real estate work make it one of the most important companies in the field of real estate development and investment.
  • Moreover, it has many projects in Egypt and the Arab countries.

Features of The Mall

  • Bank area.
  • Government district.
  • Central station.
  • The oil companies sector is also close to the aviation and tourism sectors.
  • Real estate sector.
  • Gold and Fashion Market.
  • Moreover the new administrative capital, Ezdan Mall New Capital, its location is near large and lively residential areas such as R8 and R7.
  • In addition, the People is Assembly and the Council of Ministers.

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