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La Vista Ain SokhnaLa Vista Ain SokhnaLa Vista Ain Sokhna

La Vista Ain Sokhna

Welcome, dear reader, before anything, we would like to inform you that the village of La Vista is not only one village, but rather it is a group of villages belonging to the same group and differ in some capabilities, location and services provided, which are all distinguished by sophistication and luxury. So, let’s know more about the village of La Vista Ain Sokhna.

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Locatin of La Vista Resort, Ain Sokhna

La Vista Village is located on Al-Zafarana Road in Ataqa Suez, Ain Sokhna, 142 kilometers away from Cairo, and the distance from one village to another varies, such as La Vista 1, Lavista 2. 142km and Lavista 6 and 7, Cairo is about 150 km away. All the villages of La Vista enjoy luxury, design splendor, and have a vast area of​​the largest landscape.

La Vista Sokhna Group

So, La Vista Group was built in sequence on Zafarana Road in Ain Sokhna and is part of LA VISTA Developments. La Vista Group consists of several villages, namely:
  • La Vista from 1 to 7.
  • And La Vista Gardens.
  • La Vista Ray Village.
  • And La Vista Topars.

La Vista 1, Ain Sokhna

  • So, La Vista 1 village is located 142 km from Cairo, Zaafarana Road, Ain Sokhna. It is the first village to be established in La Vista Villages, Ain Sokhna, and La Vista 1 includes a group of chalets and villas designed with a gradual terraces system that makes all residential units inside the village enjoy a distinctive and picturesque view of the most wonderful beaches of the Red Sea. The most important characteristic of La Vista 1 is the presence of a sandy beach. Many recreational activities can be practiced, such as surfing, wing surfing, and others. You will enjoy the beautiful landscapes, swimming pools and waterfalls. There is a pedestrian path that extends to the village of La Vista 2. Within La Vista 1 you will find many shops and supermarkets. And medical services.
La Vista 1 Features:
  • A sandy beach is paved for guests
  • Heated swimming pool in winter season
  • Entertainment services and medical services inside the village
  • Many shops
  • All residential units within the village enjoy a sea view
  • Good treatment from the site staff
  • Pets are allowed.
  • The spread of green spaces on a large scale

La Vista 2, Ain Sokhna

  • La Vista Village 2 is located next to La Vista 1 and is an extension of it. Guests enjoy the long corridor between the two villages along the beach and the many facilities and medical services, as well as shops and entertainment. It includes a basketball court, a football field, tennis courts, in addition to many luxurious swimming pools. The two villages, La Vista 1 and 2, are one village. You can use the facilities and services of the two villages and move between them with ease.
La Vista 2 Features:
  • A distinctive sandy beach
  • There is a football field and a basketball court
  • There are tennis courts
  • Integrated entertainment services
  • The spread of green spaces on a large scale
  • The swimming pools and the beach are very clean

La Vista 3, Ain Sokhna

  • La Vista 3 village is located 150 km from Cairo, and it is considered one of the most wonderful villages of La Vista with a picturesque landscape. You will feel as if you are in an open garden, and if you are a jogger, you can enjoy your favourite hobby in the most beautiful villages of La Vista. Where the landscapes overlooking the sea, the beach area is cultivated with green areas. You can enjoy the beach bar and clubs inside the village. La Vista 3 is a villa and chalet area only, and there is no hotel in the village.
La Vista 3 Features
  • Provides security and guard services 24.
  • Friendly professional staff.
  • And there is a large supermarket inside the village.
  • Ideally spread green areas and areas in La Vista 3.
  • Beach bar for the luxury of guests

La Vista 4, Ain Sokhna

  • La Vista 4 village is located 160 km from Cairo. It is considered one of the quietest villages in La Vista, distinguished by its distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a haven for those who want calm and relaxation. And provides you with a quiet and enjoyable stay. also provides many integrated services such as medical services in the supermarket and all security services, restaurants and bars especially the beach bar and cascading waterfalls. And swimming pools spread. Within the village. Each unit has a charming view of the sea.
Features of La Vista 4
  • Landscapes are very beautiful and wonderful.
  • The quietness of the camp on the site is considered a revelation for many.
  • The distinctive architectural design in the manner of the terraces, which makes all units overlooking the beach.
  • It features a sandy beach.

La Vista 5, Ain Sokhna

It is located next to La Vista 4 village, 158 kilometers from Cairo, and is famous for its unique architectural design, as it consists of two rows of cabins and villas facing the beach, as if they were a gradually sloping slope. Bring to the beach so that all units can enjoy the beautiful and unique view of the crystal sea.La Vista 5 features
  • La Vista 5 is one of the first villages in La Vista community to provide a seaside swimming pool on Long Beach.
  • The vast green space makes you a part of nature.
  • It is characterized by being relatively taller than the surrounding villages because it is located on one of the hills, which makes it completely different from other villages
  • The village has 11 swimming pools.

La Vista 6, Ain Sokhna

  • La Vista 6 is located 140 km from Cairo and is considered an integrated tourist resort, as it is the largest among all the projects in La Vista Ain Sokhna. It includes villas and chalets with a progressive terrace system consisting of 7 rows facing the beachfront. It provides many entertainment services such as tennis courts, a football field, a basketball court, a gymnasium, in addition to the basic facilities such as restaurants, bars, club, medical services, in addition to 24-hour security services.
La Vista 6 features
  • It is characterized by many swimming pools, and it contains 78 swimming pools.
  • Land Escape at the highest levels of sophistication and luxury.
  • It features a jacuzzi on the sea.
  • An integrated resort with all services.
  • Widespread nature views give guests a sense of relaxation and closeness to nature.

La Vista Village 7, Ain Sokhna

The village of La Vista 7 is 155 km from Cairo. It contains different units of villas and cabins composed of two arranged terraces. Go to the beach, so that all units can enjoy the beauty, so that you can enjoy the sparkling water of the most beautiful beach. It is considered to be like the village of La Vista, known for its vast greenery and picturesque nature. It provides many services and facilities, such as swimming pools all over the village.
La Vista 7  features
  • Excellent sandy beach with stunning nature.
  • It is characterized by cleanliness to both the swimming pools and the beach.
  • The vast green spaces within the village and charming landscapes.
  • It is very quiet and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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