La Vista Bay North Coast 

La Vista Bay North Coast 

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La Vista Bay North Coast La Vista Bay North Coast La Vista Bay North Coast 

La Vista Bay North Coast

La vista bay north coast is one of the most famous tourist villages in North Coast, and they are looking for wooden houses for sale. The village has many advantages, making it the first investment destination for many people, and this is its strategic location near Cairo, it is only 150 kilometers away, so it is an ideal choice for those wishing to spend their weekends in a quiet and beautiful location by the sea, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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La vista bay north coast 

  • La vista bay north coast, is one of the most important tourism projects in north coast region.
  • It was implemented on north coast land with a distinctive view of the sea and interior green spaces.
  • The executing company also provides many services to the residents of the village, including swimming pools and green spaces, in addition to an amusement park in the center of the project.
  • As this project is considered one of the largest in north coast, it can provide customers with a variety of comfortable accommodations.
  • In addition to the multiplicity of buildings, residential units with different designs, hotels, and many other things on which the project is based.

Learn about the location of La vista bay north coast

    • La vista bay north coast project is unique in its unique location.
    • The village is built on an area of ​​45 acres with a depth of 700 square meters and a beach of 300 square meters.
    • The residential units are designed on the terrace so that all units can directly see the sea.
    • As for the location of La Vista Village of north coast in relation to the city, it is only 140 square kilometers from Cairo-Zaafarana Road.
    • The project is also known for its geographical location, 90 kilometers from the Suez Road, which makes the project close to the city of Suez.
  • The unique location of the project allows residents easy access to all the services of the surrounding cities.

Developing company

  • La Vista Developments is one of the old companies that started in 1971.
  • The company includes a large number of experts and engineers in the real estate field, and the company is very famous.
  • This is because it has established many projects in several different places.
  • These projects include New Cairo, sixth of October, North Coast, El Shorouk, Marsa Alam and other special projects.
  • Since many of the company’s projects in Egypt are under two vertical names, La Vista and El Patio, examples of these projects include:
  • La Vista: Sokhna, Al Rai Sokhna, Topaz Sokhna.
  • La Vista Morsi Alam.
  • New Cairo El Patio New Cairo El Patio Oro New Cairo La Vista City.
  • El Patio El Shorouk, El Patio Casa El Shorouk, El Patio 5 East, El Patio Prime compounds.
  • El Patio 6th of October El Patio Zahraa 6th of October.

La vista bay north coast location

  • This large project is one of the projects that you can access from several places.
  • This is because it is close to several famous areas and can be reached through the following locations:
  • The village is located near the city of Suez and covers an area of ​​90 km.
  • The village of La vista bay north coast is close to the city of Zafarana, only 35 km away.
  • From Cairo, you can reach it, as it is located at Kilo 142 on Cairo City Road.

La Vista Company history

  • La Vista Developments, started in 1971. The company includes senior engineers and experts in the field of real estate construction.
  • The company is one of the largest companies in the field of real estate and real estate contracting.
  • Many coastal villages have started in many areas such as Ain Sokhna, the northern coast, and Marsa Alam.
  • This company built Many real estate buildings in New Cairo and sixth of October.

Design of La vista bay north coast Resort

  • This project is one of the big projects, and in order to meet everyone’s needs.
  • It has been divided into several groups and designed as follows:
  • A comprehensive tourist village, in addition to the beach landscape that also includes more than 10% of the housing and buildings.
  • And the rest of the green spaces.
  • The project is through La Vista 2 and the sub-village to complete the project, which includes many beautiful landscapes.
  • The project also contains a hotel that provides many unique services and various entertainment methods as a complement to this large project.

Services in La Vista north coast

  • La Vista north coast project is according to the latest international design.
  • The executing company combines the ocean, green spaces and swimming pool.
  • This is to provide complete comfort to the residents of the village and to spread green spaces in the village.
  • The residential units in the village constitute 10% of the total area.
  • 90% of the project is for green spaces, water bodies, and other services.
  • There are also various housing units in different areas of the village to meet the customers’ needs.
  • As for the services by La Vista north coast to residents, they are as follows:
  • There are green spaces throughout the village.
  • There is also a hotel in the resort that can accommodate tourists.
  • The water body is also one of the things that the village offers in the form of a swimming pool.
  • Many sports fields are suitable for sports fans.
  • Restaurants and cafes offering the best international food.
  • In addition to many health services such as gyms, spas and health clubs.
  • Inside, there is also a dedicated entertainment area for children.
  • The service location in the village has been carefully chosen so that all resort residents can benefit from it.
  • The executive company also designed a water park in the center of the project to provide services to all residents.
  • The project also provides security protection components throughout the whole day.

Residential units and their areas:

  • La vista bay north cost contains A large number of housing units and homes, including resorts.
  • Approximately 10% of the total area of ​​the project is for buildings and residential units.
  • These units are of the highest quality standards, ready-to-manufacture, and can be fully finished products, extremely luxurious.
  • We add to that the presence of various spaces that suit all people’s requirements.

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