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Rivan New CapitalRivan New CapitalRivan New Capital
Rivan New Capital Compound is one of the projects of the Arab Development Company for Real Estate Investment in the new capital, and it is the latest level of design to become the first place to settle and enjoy the scenic views and all the luxurious facilities and the first hotel project in the capital. It is also characterized by modern technology and creativity in advanced and modern designs, because it is the address of progress, and its distinct strategic location.

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  2. Or through the hotline 19839

Location of Rivan New Capital

  • Rivan New Capital project its location is on the most important road and main axis in the Administrative Capital.
  • Its location also is in the R7 area in the center of the Administrative Capital, directly on the service area and the tourist walkway.
  • The area near Levin Compound
  • Rivan Compound is close to the New Administrative Capital, and it is the most important of the important main areas and roads, the most important of which are the following:
  • The new administrative capital of Levin is located near the government district and the commercial and financial district.
  • Rivan New Capital is within walking distance of the Green River.
  • It is also about 5 minutes from the Nativity Cathedral.
  • The compound is only 10 minutes from the capital airport and the presidential palace.
  • There are now many large squares in the Administrative Capital.
  • Which makes the competition between contracting companies fierce to attract customers.
  • Each client is looking for a suitable community for him to buy a housing unit in a suitable environment to enjoy the home in a prime location.
  • To provide the family with a decent life in order to achieve the goals that all customers seek.
  • The Arab Development Corporation also offered Rivan Compound in a creative style.
  • Also in an innovative design in the new administrative capital to become a strong competitor.
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The total area of Rivan New Capital project

  • It is worth mentioning that Rivan Compound has a wealth of residential units of different sizes, designed to allow each customer to choose the space that suits him.
  • This project differs from the other complexes that have been implemented so far.
  • It includes a new unit, which is a floating villa, and the complex includes other types of basic units such as:
  • Detached villa.
  • The most important feature of the Rivan project space in the new capital is the diversity of unit types and sizes to meet the different needs of customers.

Services and features of Rivan Compound

  • The company responsible for the implementation of Rivan Compound is interested in providing all the services that customers are looking for.
  • The service point is one of the most important points that customers decide to purchase.
  • Moreover, this applies to the purchase process for all the residential compounds available in Egypt.
  • Therefore, the compound provides the following set of services, including:
  • The presence of artificial lakes in different shapes allows the residents of the compound to enjoy the scenic views.
  • Each unit in the compound has a swimming pool to achieve privacy for all.
  • It provides a comprehensive commercial shopping center designed to meet all the needs of the residents of the Rivan New Capital project.
  • Dedicated entertainment area, including an amusement park.
  • There is also a luxury hotel entrance.
  • Various restaurants and cafes.
  • The long walk is suitable for lovers who like to walk and run in the fresh air.
  • Security and guarding throughout the day, equipped with a shift system to provide protection and security.
  • High walls and doors for privacy surround Rivan New Capital.

Revan complex design

  • The design of Rivan New Capital Compound is different from other projects of the New Administrative Capital.
  • It has an area of ​​15 plots of land with a total area of ​​17 acres, which the company won through public auctions.
  • The project consists of four different types of units.
  • It features standalone villas, penthouses, duplexes and 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.
  • The real estate developer allocated the largest area representing 83% of the total area for services such as cafes, restaurants, parks, gardens and commercial centers.
  • As for the smaller area, which represents 17% of the total area, it is allocated to residential units.
  • It consists of 16 buildings, a huge commercial mall, each building has 3 elevators.
  • In addition each unit has a distinctive view.

About Al-Tameer Company, the real estate developer of Rivan Compound

  • The Arab Development Corporation is the company responsible for the design and implementation of Rivan New Capital Compound.
  • This company started in 1995.
  • Among them, the company’s projects extend to the Arabian Gulf and Africa.
  • The company has performed outstandingly in the implementation of various projects, including Rivan Compound.
  • This with a focus on choosing the appropriate geographic location for the project.
  • In addition, to keenness to provide all services and benefits in the project, in order to provide customers with a sense of comfort.
  • This makes sense to appropriately divide the project unit space.
  • In addition to taking care of providing wonderful and wonderful views of the entire project.

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