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Sky AD Development will invest 15 billion EGP in the Egyptian real estate market in the next two years. Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development Corporation, a subsidiary of UAE Diamond Group, plans to pump EGP 15 billion into the Egyptian real estate market in the next two years.Abdul Rahman Ajami, CEO of the Emirates Diamond Group and Abu Dhabi Sky Real Estate Development Company, said that the first planned project in Egypt is scheduled to be launched in the New Administrative Capital with an investment of 4 billion pounds, on an area of​​23 feddans. Land in the R8 area of​​the administrative capital.

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SKY Abu Dhabi New Capital – 10% Payment – up to 9 Years

  • The Sky AD project is located in the center of the Administrative Capital, especially in the R8 area.
  • The eighth district contains 2 sports clubs, one of which covers an area of​​73 acres.
  • And the other club is located on an area of​​35.5 acres.
  • Likewise, the complex contains gardens and about 40,000 acres of green spaces.
  • There are many residential areas in this area.
  • But the assumption is to build a large number of housing units.
  • And these residential areas designated for residential villas and residential areas will be different.

Advantages of the Sky Abu Dhabi project

  • The project is built on a very large area, about 23 acres.
  • The location of Sky Abu Dhabi in the eighth district of the Administrative Capital makes it a unique project.
  • The project implementation period is 4 years.
  • Also, the project provides 270,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.
  • 4 billion EGP investments.
  • The percentage of construction in the project is only 18%.
  • The rest is devoted to green spaces, equivalent to 82%.
  • 80% of the project is housing units.
  • 20% of the project is commercial units.

Project details

  • Sky Abu Dhabi project provides 270,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.
  • In addition to commercial, administrative and entertainment units.
  •  It also includes 1,000 residential units.
  • The project is divided into 80% residential buildings and the rest are administrative.
  • He explained that Ski Abu Dhabi includes a series of projects in Abu Dhabi and the Emirate of Al Ain.
  • Including 17 projects, most notably the residential tower in Dana.
  • With 1.5 investments in the region.
  • Also, Ain Cromwell Hospital covers an area of​​25,000 square meters.
  • With 51 rooms, and invests 300 million dirhams.
  • He mentioned that the company’s investment orientation in the Egyptian real estate market is an important complement to the group’s portfolio of projects.
  •  Also is an important step in achieving its strategic goal to enhance its position in the regional real estate field.
  • with investments of US $ 1 billion, and a portfolio of projects that includes more than 17 projects in the UAE.

 Features of the New Administrative Capital

  • Residents of the residential area of​​the New Capital enjoy vast green spaces to protect privacy.
  • The New Capital adopts a unique European design.
  • Similar to the historical Egyptian cities such as Heliopolis and Garden City.
  • Using modern architectural methods that preserve space.
  • The capital includes the largest Central Park in the world.
  • Which will be the green outlet for the city and for hiking, and it is twice the size of Hyde Park in New York, USA.
  • The administrative capital will include a smart village covering an area of​​260 acres.
  • Which will become a comprehensive technology city in a vast area.
  • And will become the headquarters for software and information technology industries.
  • Similar to Silicon Valley in the United States.
  • The new capital includes Disneyland, which resembles Disneyland in the United States.
  • An environmentally friendly city, which includes stations that use solar energy to generate electricity.
  • There are many theatres in the city, cinemas and cultural institutions.
  • Also, The Opera House in the Administrative Capital will be the most famous cultural facility there.
  • The administrative capital has the major exhibition city, the fairground.
  • Which will become the centre of exhibition tourism.
  • The New Administrative Capital includes one of the largest mosques in the Middle East, the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Church of the Nativity.
  • It has the largest urban complex in the Middle East, including the largest church and mosque in the Middle East.

disadvantages of the Administrative Capital

  • Of course, it is too early to say that the administrative capital has deficiencies.
  • Because it is not operating at full capacity and there are still some stages of work that have not been fully implemented.
  • The New Capital lacks social housing for low-income people.
  • The high price per square meter in the Administrative Capital.
  • Expansion of utility and service networks to the capital is costly.

Types of units in the project

S-type units:

  • Units with a space ranging from 110 to 115 square meters.
  • These units contain 2 bedrooms.
  • Also, 3-bedroom units, these units have sizes ranging from 150, 160, 175, 180, 190 and 195.
  • Duplex 3 bedrooms, 245 bedrooms.
  • Also, duplexes of 4 bedrooms 360 m.
  • There are also 4-bedroom units with sizes of 200, 210, 215 and 220.

Type K units:

  • Two-bedroom units of 110 square meters.
  • Likewise, 3 bedrooms of 150 and 155 square meters.
  • 4 bedrooms of 245 m and 30 m terrace.

Information about the real estate developer Sky Abu Dhabi

  • From the United Arab Emirates to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Sky Development New Capital is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development.
  • And the company has implemented many projects in Abu Dhabi.
  • The company’s business is also expanding 
  • Also, Sky Developments New Capital is committed to developing itself by building projects that meet clients’ needs.
  • It meets a series of criteria, and the company has won the praise of many customers for achieving the overall standards of living in Egypt.
  •  And this is the most important feature of the company.
  •  Innovation and timely delivery of all the projects agreed upon.
  • Without any delay or delay, all the company’s projects provide facilities and services.
  • Which can guarantee customers a full and enjoyable life and provide more privacy.

CEO of Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development

  • The CEO of Sky Capital Development New Capital, Mustafa Salah El-Din, who assumed this position in 2019.
  •  Eng. Mostafa has extensive experience of 21 years in Marketing and Sales.
  • The company has made remarkable progress, and the police obtained certificates in Spain, France, Italy and Lebanon.
  • Mr. Mustafa graduated from the Business Department of the English Language Department at Ain Shams University in 1999.
  • Worked for MTI Motors for more than 10 years. 
  • He designed some strategies to help him achieve his sales business over the years.
  • 2010 for Sodic, after working in the sales department for 4 years.
  • Whose sales exceeded 3 billion pounds.

Sky AD Real Estate Development Company previous projects

  • Residential Tower: This tower is located in Rawdhat Abu Dhabi, with an area of​​14,200 square meters.
  • Spring College: the value of this school is 150 million dirhams.
  • Residential Tower: This tower is located in Dante, Abu Dhabi.
  • And covers an area of​​39,000 square meters, and the project value is 176 dirhams.
  • Al Ain Cromwell Hospital: This hospital includes 51 rooms and the cost of the project is 300 million dirhams.
  • Abu Dhabi Ladies Club: The club is located on an area of​​98,440.
  • Including the Olympic swimming pool and the tennis court.
  • And the cost of the project is 150 million dirhams.
  • Al Ain Lady Club: The project is located in the emirate of Al Ain and the value of the project is 130 million dirhams.
  • Najma Residential Building in Abu Dhabi: The project is located on an area of​​98,440 square meters.
  •  The project includes 298 one-bedroom units.
  • 138 two-bedroom units and 55 three-bedroom units.

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